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About Us


We proudly offer natural, freshly made-to-order, hand and body scrubs that will keep you exfoliated and re-newed. While it can be challenging to avoid colours and preservatives in your daily skincare regimen, this is one important step that you can do, that is GREAT for YOU! 





















Scrubbity Do-Dahhh scrubs are made with high-quality, premium and fresh ingredients. What goes on our skin, goes into our bodies!  We use glass jars. Glass is 100% recyclable and upholds the high quality of our scrub ingredients, which is better for YOU! Our custom labels are made with earth-friendly inks and paper. That's important to us. Our community is important to us too! We happily donate to charities throughout the year.   


 It's pure play everyday.....  "Do one thing and do it well."  

 ~ Danielle